Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School Boys-U13A vs  St Matthew's RC High School
On: Tuesday, 19 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

Tuesday November 19th, Greater Manchester cup, MGS vs St. Matthews. On a cold Tuesday night MGS were to come up against St. Mathews in the rematch since the last game having to be stopped due to the dark. MGS lined up in a 4-3-3 formation similar to the opposing team. Quite early on MGS got a throw in halfway into St. Mathews half, Shaan took the throw in and Hudson controlled it back into his feet. Shaan then took one touch and whipped an excellent ball into the back post where Isaac dashed past his man and first time volleyed it into the roof of the net 1-0 and a great finish. The game was quite even until half time but MGS seemed to have the upper hand with the threat in the break. The defence was very solid throughout with Jaydan, Jeremy, Shaan and Lucas all really getting stuck in on the biggest centre forward you have ever seen. Rahul put in a good performance as well on his debut for the A team. 25 minutes to go and St. Mathews found themselves edging into the MGS half with the ball with the left back as he knocked the ball across field to the tricky centre forward. The striker took a strike that floated into the underside of the bar. The referee decided this wasn’t a goal which resulted in a lot of controversy including a St. Mathews player being sent off due to him using some vulgar language. MGS used this to their advantage massively and took the game to St. Mathews, but somehow MGS couldn’t score abd the player was brought back on 8 minutes later. Soon after MGS had their best chance of the game when Shaan knocked the ball into Charlie’s feet. Charlie’s first touch took it past the fullback who had already committed and despite the fullback having a little bit of extra pace to Charlie, Charlie used a lovely bit of trickery and some brilliant body feints to get away from the defender. Charlie had now made his way into the box with the defender trailing behind, however the fullback made a hopeful lunge and swiped at Charlie’s legs taking him out without touching the ball. A clear penalty, the referee didn’t hesitate and Jaydan stepped up. Unluckily the keeper guessed correctly and Jaydan’s penalty was saved. 15 minutes to go and the darting St. Mathews right winger picked up the ball wide on the right side of midfield. He found a tiny bit of space and managed to get a good strike off which looped just over Will’s outstretched hands and ended up in the back of the net. Will had finally been beaten despite a solid performance after a last minute call up to the game. 5 minutes left. Lucas off 5 minutes before to be replaced by Abilash who went into right wing and Charlie smith showed versatility to go to left back. James was replaced by Samee in central-midfield. The defence were solid. The midfield hard-working. The attack creative. Dan replaced Jasper upfront. Suddenly the game opened up on the counter a pass went down the line and Abilash saw the chance and put the burners on, he was off down the line and whipped a ball across the box. Isaac darted to the front post and flicked it into the back of the net 2-1. Deserved. MGS had some more chances and were very tenacious keeping out St. Mathews. With minutes to go though there was one last chance when the forward had a strong chance, but strong hands from Will Murdock kept him out at point blank range. The final whistle was met with celebrations from the MGS boys. A deserved victory. Final Score: MGS 2-1 St.Mathews