Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School Social XI vs  St Bede's College, Manchester
On: Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019
Venue: at Home

It was a bright sunny day on Wednesday, 16th October, when the Manchester Grammar School Social 11 football team came up against Bede's. After the game kicked off both sides went all in, a ruthless and brutal game. 15 minutes into the game, MGS conceded an unfortunate and careless goal in the six yard box after failing to get rid of the ball. However, spirits and moral stayed high as we battled on. Ten minutes before half time, MGS got one back from a lovely shot slotted into the bottom corner by Yaseem. The keeper failed to even reach the shot. Onwards MGS battled and soon enough it was half time with the score being level at 1-1.

After an emotional half time talk, where Mr Watkinson boosted our spirits, we stepped onto the pitch once again for the second half. Both teams were battling hard, and MGS were struggling to put away their chances. Out of nowhere Zac Matlow takes the ball off Nadel half way between the box and the half way line. He takes a touch and shoots an unstoppable shot, with the ball finding its way into the top right corner. The other team were amazed and couldn’t believe what had just happened. Matlow then takes a well-deserved celebratory bow as his team mates congratulate him on the goal of the season. The game takes a turn and before we know it we go 3-1 up with an elegant shot taken by Nadel, after a corner kick from Yaseem, with the ball rolling into the bottom left corner. Shortly after a final goal is scored by Toby Lacey who finishes it into the bottom left corner. In the final ten minutes, MGS are fortunate enough to gain a penalty after a hand ball from Bede's. Yaseem fills up with confidence as he walks over to the spot in order to claim his penalty. The referee blows his whistle and Yaseem takes a promising run up towards the ball before hitting it straight towards the keeper who pushes it over the bar. Disappointing end to the game, leaving MGS triumphant with a 4-1 win against the mighty St Bede's.