Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School 1st XI vs  RGS, Newcastle
On: Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

After a long four hour travel, the MGS massive we’re getting active in Newcastle.

MGS started strong, dominating play in all areas. Effective pressing and passing meant MGS were rarely without the ball. Many missed opportunities from our forwards caused worry for the players as heads dropped, we thought it wasn’t going to be our day but as the countdown to the end of the half begun, a spark of magic occurred. Jacob put in the weakest pass/shot which trickled across the floor, but ended up causing mayhem as the defender slid to prevent an approaching Ted Ball from shooting. Clearly he didn’t understand how appalling Teds shooting is. as the defender slid, he ended up kicking it towards his own net and poor positioning from the keeper meant it went straight past him and into his own net. 1-0 MGS. Comfort began to set in and MGS let their foot off the gas. A poor pass from Josh meant their attacker picked the ball up in a dangerous area and a poor tackle from Harry gave a free kick away in a dangerous area. A decent shot from the taker caused Louis problems but a good save put the ball out for a corner. As the half time whistle goes, a disappointing ending to the half meant MGS weren’t feeling too confident.
The game went stale at the start of the second half with nothing important happening. However, 15 minutes into the half saw an unbelievable strike from Zach heading for the top right corner but poor positioning from the goalkeeper meant that he was actually stood on the right side of the goal and therefore the save was made relatively easy for him. The game maintained a rather boring tone until the end of the game where the opposition had a corner. This was worrying as they had a much bigger team compared to us and therefore were much more of a threat. Despite this, a good clearance from Jack went to the feet of Ollie who was on the half way line. He pinged the ball up in the air, which left Joe with a one defender to get passed, if he could control it. The confused defender mixed his feet up and left Joe through clear on goal who neatly finished the ball in the back of the net. By this point, the end of the game was beckoning and the game had basically been won. The final whistle blew and the Owls were victorious. Up the Owls!