Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School Boys-U12A vs  Bolton School Boys Division
On: Saturday, 23 Nov 2019
Venue: at Home

The match was under way when after the first few minutes Beau scored. We were keeping a tight defence when all of a sudden, their right-winger sprinted down the wing and put the ball across and they equalized. After that it was tight. They pushed at us, but held them off. Then the whistle went. In the second half they wouldn’t give. Constantly countering and 10 minutes in Edward scored. 5 minutes later they drived forwards, going past the keeper and scoring. As the game progressed, we got chances after chances until Max drives down the wings and whips the ball across and Zac slots it in. The final score 3-2 to MGS. Beau:1, Edward:1, Zac:1.