Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School 2nd XV vs  Altrincham Grammar School for Boys
On: Saturday, 17 Nov 2018
Venue: at Home

Seeing that Altrincham had a much bigger pack, we decided before the game that we should play forward runners off 10, but not go wide too soon, and to try to dominate possession by going to ground early and with support. These plans did not quite materialise on the pitch, however. Having spend the first half going wide on first phase and getting easily turned over, we revisited our game plan at half time. The second half saw much more structure in our game, and we clawed our way back from 7-10 down, to win a nailbiter of a match. Will Toreville's fast feet got us two fantastic individual tries whaen there was seemingly nothing on, so he is deservedly man of the match. Ben Montague deserves a special mention for finally realising what the word maul means, and Myles Monaghan displayed a ferocity that surprised himself in a spell of 10 minutes of ferocious tackling and competition at the breakdown, that cost us 3 penalties and 70 metres of territory but was a joy to see nonetheless.