Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School Boys-U14B vs  Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School (QEGS), Blackburn Boys-U14A
On: Saturday, 27 Nov 2021
Venue: Away

Due to the cold conditions and the rough surface the game was not played to its maximum potential by our team and possibly the opponents. Setting out the game strong clearly the better team as we played the ball around well, small touches stopped certain counter attacks which we can work on in training and the general weight of passes and touches on the ball. For their first goal the defence were caught off guard and we unfortunately conceded as their striker was played a through ball from the halfway line. After conceding a 2nd great finish from their midfield we started to come back as we scored a goal which was unfortunately routed as offside. After being potentially disallowed a fair goal, our heads were still high and we played better football. Then another goal came also ruled offside which also could have been a miscall but as a whole no matter the score MGS played great football. After conceding a third goal the game was most likely over, but we played well and stayed strong at the end of the game even after losing the game we played the better football but need to work on shooting and set pieces. A few points/opinions I have to make on the game; our shooting needs to improve, possibly improved set pieces including free kicks and corners(with tall players in the box we need a nice cross in and then we could be able to make a breakthrough with lots of goals from tall players,) we could also do with more talking to each other as a whole for instance calling who to pass to, turnouts, through balls, 1 2s etc. As a whole a great team effort and unfortunate to not get a better result. Furthermore, sticking in position and working hard by pressing and tracking back would make this team exceptional I think next Tuesday we could possibly focus on fitness and the little things like talking, small passes and first touch.