Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School Boys-U16A vs  St Matthew's RC High School
On: Monday, 30 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

MGS went out on a rainy Wednesday afternoon against a strong St Matthews side in Round 1 of the M/c Cup. We had played them previously and unfortunately lost, but this time we were hoping to turn the result around so we could get a win and progress to the next round. The whistle blew and the match was off. Both sides were playing good football passing it around between themselves, but not many chances were being created to start off with. But unfortunately, St Matthews were eventually the side to break the score line out of deadlock. It was nicely slotted away in the bottom corner by their striker making the score 1-0. However, soon after we were determined to level the score line again, and we did with Alfie working hard, deservedly winning us a penalty. This was nicely slotted away by Aryan sending the goalkeeper the other way. That event concluded the end to the first half with score being 1-1.

We returned back from the break, determined to get the result we wanted in the end. Both teams were equally matched with both sides looking like a goal was coming. But as it occurred again St Matthews ended up taking the lead again, with two undeserved quick goals in succession, making it harder for MGS now to get back into the game. But we refused to give up and continued to keep our heads high and trying to level the score. We had a few chances but we didn’t end up getting the goal we deserved, instead they got another two lucky goals approaching the end of the match. The final result ended in 5-1 to St Matthews, therefore we were knocked out the cup. This may not have been the result we deserved, but we just need to carry on and improve for the cup match against Bramhall HS..