Match Report
The Manchester Grammar School Boys-U16A vs  Maleth Albion
On: Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019
Venue: at Home

The first half of the match was uneventful in a goal scoring and chance creating sense. We lined up in a 4-3-3, so there was an importance of tracking back for the wingers and for the midfield three to stay nice and solid. There were some attacks that looked meaningful but were petered out in the end. Rafat Chaudhury, the keeper, had very little to do in the first half, apart from sweeping up some passes that had gone too far and some passes himself under pressure. Tyreece Ewing, who lead from the heart of midfield, was constantly under pressure, yet still retained the ball well. The team from Malta played well throughout the match, giving us a hard time in possession, yet couldn’t find the last pass on numerous occasions. Oliver Chester and Jake Lau, our staring centre back pairing, gave the opposition a difficult job, with their ariel prowess and speed, as they cut out numerous crucial passes coming into the final third. The main thing we wanted to see from this match was an improvement, in fitness and in how we play. Mr Wilson had continuously told us to play with width, like we had practised in training the day before. Doing this wasn’t in vain as the first and only goal of the half came to MGS, as we utilised the width, which created space for Aadam Hasan to get through the defence and smash a shot into the net, above the keeper. The away team didn’t have any shots on target in the first half, but MGS did, and they had some threatening ones too, but good goalkeeping denied MGS their deserved larger lead.